Legislative Action Center

Join us in the fight to end wildlife trafficking.  As constituents, you can cast your vote for conservation through actions like calling your legislators, writing letters, or attending rallies. Be a voice for the voiceless. Your elected officials are listening.

View our current calls to action below.

Support Legislation to Reauthorize the Save Vanishing Species Semipostal Stamp 

The Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp benefits the Multinational Species Conservation Funds (MSCF), which support private-public partnerships to protect African and Asian elephants, great apes, marine turtles, freshwater turtles, tortoises, rhinos, and tigers in their native habitats. MSCF programs help to sustain wildlife populations, address threats such as illegal poaching, reduce human-wildlife conflict, and protect essential habitat. By working with local communities, they also improve people’s livelihoods, contribute to local and regional stability, and support U.S. security interests in impoverished regions. The difference between the cost of the semipostal rate and the first-class rate is transferred to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which administers the MSCF. 

Bipartisan legislation (S. 521) has been introduced to reauthorize the Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp. We need your help to let Congress know about the importance of this stamp in preserving these iconic species for future generations. 

Please send a message to your senators urging them to cosponsor this important bill.

Support H.R. 151/S. 37, the Preventing Future Pandemics Act

H.R. 151/S. 37, the “Preventing Future Pandemics Act,” would help reduce the risks of zoonotic disease transmission that can lead to pandemics by: 

  • Giving the State Department additional tools to address wildlife markets and the global wildlife trade for human consumption.
  • Authorizing funding for USAID to help communities that rely on consumption of wildlife for food security to develop safer and sustainable alternative animal and plant sourced foods and directing the agency to increase its activities in zoonotic disease surveillance, protecting biodiversity strongholds, and combating wildlife trafficking.
  • Prohibiting the import, export, and sale of live wildlife in the United States for purposes of human consumption as food or medicine.
  • Increasing resources for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement to expand its attaché program.

Please send a message to your representative and senators urging them to cosponsor this important legislation. 

Support H.R. 263, the “Big Cat Public Safety Act”

Private ownership of tigers and other big cats as vanity pets or for commercial exploitation in poorly run facilities is a serious animal welfare problem and poses real dangers to both people and animals. The “Big Cat Public Safety Act” would strengthen existing law to prohibit the possession of tigers, lions, and other big cat species except by qualified entities. It also would place restrictions on public contact with these species and would curb the use of commercial photo-ops, petting, and similar activities that undermine animal care and welfare. 

Please send a message to your representative encouraging them to cosponsor the “Big Cat Public Safety Act.”