Traveling Abroad?
Know Before You Go.

Around the world, you’ll find wildlife and plant products for sale — as jewelry, clothes, pets, souvenirs and more. But just because something is for sale doesn’t mean it’s legal to take home. By making informed choices, you can avoid having your souvenir confiscated or paying a fine — and support wildlife conservation around the world.

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A Guide for Travelers
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“Caribbean Traveler’s Guide
Tri-fold Brochure

Wallet card

Top Five Products to Avoid

Top Five Products to Question

Ask Before You Buy

• What is this product made of?
• Where did this product come from?

If traveling outside of the U.S.:

• Does the country I’m visiting allow the sale and export of this product?
• Do I need permits or other documents from this country or the United States to bring this item home?

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